How to profit on Facebook adds



Of course you can profit from adds on Facebook (Or how to succeed with adds on FB)


Many businesses is still using adds in the printed media, but this is soon to be history - Facebook is taking over. I have many times heard even from marketing professionals that "You can´t profit from adds on Facebook" or "You have to have more than 10.000 followers on FB before your adds will work". Fact is, that this is all wrong. Anybody can profit from adds on Facebook and they can do this even if they have only a few followers. All it takes is a bit of hard work.


You want angels not just followers


The only followers that really matters is the ones that is in love with your brand, the ones you have bought through competitions or have gotten in other ways is useless. What you really want is to create a community of fans, that loves your brand and through Facebook follows your every move, protects you when someone attacks your brand and who will be your brands ambassadors towards the rest of Facebook and the world. These angels will share your posts to their friend and family, they will respond towards negative comments on your posts faster than you. Therefore it is important that you remember your angels, creates competitions and posts that is honoring their loyalty.


Get to the point - and do it fast


You need to get to the point and you need to do that fast. Most users are logging on to Facebook from their mobiles to day. That means that they only will look at your post or add in a split second before they go on to the next. So don´t waste the first line with a "Merry Christmas" (Like 100 of their friends and tons of other companys) or "We are so happy" (nice to know - but whats in it for me?) before getting to the point telling about your new collection or latest CSR event. If you don´t - it will be the safest way for you to be absolutely sure that (almost) no one will read your post or add.


Talk like your brand - not like you


The communication you do on all your platforms should be aligned. If you when writing with customers on Facebook ends everything with phrases like "let their be eternal sunshine in your life", then you better communicate the same way on your webpage, Instagram, stores, call center and so on. Facebook can be first point of contact before a purchase, or it will be first point of contact with a dissatisfied customer, and you make it so much easier for the store manager, phoner or the next person communicating with the customer if the communication is alike. And it will make the rest of your staff much more trust worthy.


If men and women isn´t alike - you will (properly) need to segment


Are men and women thinking the same way? Are they buying the same products? Do they react the same way on the same communication? Not always or maybe never. That is an obvious reason why any add that you make on Facebook always should be segmented, and as a minimum on gender. Lets say that you are sitting on a bus and you address an older man in the seat in front of you. Do you do this the same way as if it was a young 16 year old girl? Properly not, or properly not entirely. If you can't communicate the exact same way to all age groups about your product, then you properly also needs to segment on age. The better segmentation, the lesser cost and better result.


Same same but different


Lets say that you sell socks for men and women. Your products all serve the same purpose, but they don´t quite look the same. Do they? No man (almost) will react on a pair of woman socks and think, YES they properly also have socks for me. Or the other way around. So if your products vary from segment to segment, then your adds also will need to vary.


You need to be relevant - nobody likes to waste their time


Now you have set up the perfect adds. Perfect pictures. Nice text. Segmented on gender, age groups and a few more things. Everything is perfect. Or is it? Actually your work have just started. Facebook can do a fantastic job creating traffic to your webpage, but if your landingpage isn´t relevant, then you will fail miserably anyways. If you are a woman and you click an add on Facebook and you end up on a page showing all male products, chances are that you will bounce out of the webpage immediately. To get the best result you will therefore need to create a landingpage for each segment. If your segment is women age 65 to 75, then you need to display products that is relevant and provide relevant product information for that exact segment. The links on the landingpage should point to other relevant pages and not just overall pages. If the information and products on display isn´t relevant, you are going to loose all the hard work you put into making the adds.


If it is not in-screan, it is not there


When everything on your landingpage is finished, you have remembered to make "call to action" buttons, and you think that you are all set to go, you still have one more thing to consider. Take your mobile, and visit the landingpage. Many tends to put a big, fantastic looking picture on top of the page. When entering from a mobile device that picture is sometimes all that you can see. If all your explaining text, great prices and good conditions isn´t in-screan, its not there. So you need to make sure that at least a little bit of your text is showing, just to hint that something good is happening below the fantastic looking picture. It is really that simple, if it is not in-srean, it is not there.


A week is an eternity


Finally you have to remember to change your Facebook add as a minimum every week, maybe just the pictures, or Facebook will slowly stop promoting your offer. It is becoming old news, and no body cares about old news.


7 Januar, 2017



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